Some of the comments from the participants attending Breaking the Ice seminar were:

“Very good and inspiring seminar … I will indeed recommend it to others”. Chiropractor Charlotte Riber, Svendborg (DK)

“Thanks for handing out your material Thanks for your openness! It is important to our profession”. Chiropractor Laila Hansen, Silkeborg (DK)

“I had been looking very much forward to it – and I was not disappointed!”. Chiropractor Kari Kuhn Skovmand, Kolding(DK)

“Excellent seminar! Good, relevant and elaborate presentation. My best recommendations”. Chiropractor Troels Simonsen,
Elverum (NO)

“A good seminar and enthusiastic teachers, you are very good at having your ears to the ground”. ChiropraktorAlex Nourbakhsh, Ballerup (DK)

“Excellent piece of work! Very professional! Absolutely worth the price”. Chiropractor Charlotte Hyldal, Svendborg (DK)

“The seminar gives means to break the ice to the GPs, there is a lot of work to be done by participants like me afterwards but much of the material relevant for this task is handed out in every detail at the seminar”. Chiropractor Per Hasager Kirk, Thisted (DK)

“Pleasantly surprised – Very inspiring”. Chiropractor Sine Kiilerich, Hjørring (DK)

“Great energy from the lecturers”. Chiropractor Jim Christiensen, Hjørring (DK)

“You worked around the issues very well. Honest review – Very nice!”. Unnamed participant (DK)

“Great seminar and well-arranged material”. Unnamed participant (DK)

“I needed more paper!”. Unnamed participant (DK)

“Great piece of work”. Unnamed participant (DK)

“Excellent seminar!”. Unnamed participant (DK)